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Dr. Debri Van Wyk is a seasoned Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Serial Entrepreneur, and Author who loves fusing business and psychology to help professionals master the art of sales. He holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. Dr. Debri has decades of multi-industry experience and had served in the senior leadership capacities of Psychometric Expert, Leadership Coach, Project Manager, and Talent Advisor. He relishes capitalizing on the marvels of psychology to understand consumer-behavior and structure the company’s products & services in accordance with the consumer’s needs.

Dr. Debri Van Wyk has founded multiple businesses relating to the industry of Human Resource Management including Strategic Talent Technologies. He has an incredible eye for assessing talent and loves grooming professionals and helping them reach their ultimate potential. Serving as the ambassador of leadership development, Dr. Debri shares an incredible passion for nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

Dr. Debri Van Wyk strives to leverage his expertise in sales psychology and consumer-behavior to help sales professionals nail the process of sales. He greatly values people's needs and consumer’s requirements and aims to capitalize on psychological parameters to help salesmen comprehend consumer’s demands. Dr. Debri spends his leisure hours in the company of his family and friends and is a natural preacher who loves helping others build a better connection with God and recognize the true power of faith & generosity.

It's all about the sale

Mastering the Psychology of Sales


After years of experience and research on sales and marketing, Debri authored his first book titled "It's all about the sale". He wanted to provide a different perspective on how we look at sales and what influences customers before and during the sales process. To improve sales, or at least improve the probability of the sale, salespeople must look at the product from their customer's point of view and sell a solution, rather than a product.

Sales play a significant role in the maximization of profit in business. These go hand-in-hand with the salesperson’s competence and also how well they present the company as well as themselves. Things that ruin their performance include fear of rejection, lack of product knowledge, and the thinking that customers dislike salespeople. They fear that people may dislike the products which kills their enthusiasm in marketing the product, which in return leads to degradation in sales.

Lack of product knowledge may lead to a lack of trust from the customers. Thinking that people dislike salespeople may hinder you from reaching your target group. This book has answers for every salesperson who wishes to improve their sales skills. It aims to create a better mindset on how marketers and salespeople can improve their sales and make their customers engage better with the services offered as well as the products they purchase.


Debri is passionate about technology and creating innovative systems and programs to enable his customers to work smarter. Although he is not a programmer, Debri reads code and can do basic website coding.

Below are some of his products currently used in the market


AssessmentHouse is an online psychometric assessment portal hosting a battery of tests develop by Debri.

Vitalenty Learner Management Solution

The Vitalenty Learner Management Solution is a LMS used by his customers to provide online learning facilities. He also assists his customers in developing courses that they host on this LMS.


The Vitalenty360 is an online leadership 360 degree assessment to assist leaders in creating a better self awareness of their skills and potential pitfalls.

Systems developed by Dr Debri van Wyk (click on logo for more information)


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As an entrepreneur, Debri has founded numerous companies in his career. He is the founder of a company called Human Capital Talent which he later sold before venturing back into the corporate world. However, his entrepreneurial personality pushed Debri back into the consulting world, and he founded his latest company Strategic Talent Technologies.